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Winner Plus Adult Mini holistic - Dry food for active dogs of small breeds with chicken and rice

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Series Super Premium Mini holistic
Main components Chicken, rice, herbs, fruits
Taste chicken
Appointment For adult dogs of small breeds
Feed Features hypoallergenic
Age from 12 months
Size pellet Mini
The energy value 3,989 kcal / 1000 g; 16.9 MJ / kg

WINNER PLUS Adult Mini holistic is a natural and complete feed, without gluten, GMO, soy, corn, aroma, eggs, dairy products and corn, for small size adult dogs. Prepared with prime selected chicken meat, noble proteins source (as only source of animal protein), it's enriched with a balanced supply of rice and potatoes (vegetable proteins), providing all the necessary energy and a natural digestibility of a high quality product, ideal for dogs of all breeds. The small size croquette, prepared without chemical color, taste and aroma, simplifies chewing process making it more palatable and digestible. Rich with herbs and red fruits, ensures the assumption of natural vitamins supporting the immune system, providing active cell protection against free radicals. 

Formats available: 2 kg; 10 kg


dry chicken meat (33%); rice; potatoes; chicken fat; sugar beet pulp (desugarized); carob flour; natural chicory (inulin); brewer's yeast; herbs (marigold, fennel, chamomile, peppermint, parsley, fenugreek seed, chicory root, licorice root,); red fruits (dog rose, raspberry, blueberry, chokeberry); New Zealand green lip shell meat (Perna canaliculus); minerals.

Analytical constituents:

protein 28%; fat content 18%; crude fiber 2%; crude ash 7,50%; calcium 1,60%; phosphorus 1,10%.

Nutritional additives per 1 kg:

vitamin A 18.000 I.U.; vitamin D3 1.800 I.U.; vitamin E 250 mg; vitamin C 200 mg; vitamin B1 15 mg; vitamin B2 20 mg; vitamin B6 20 mg; vitamin B12 100 mcg; biotin 1.000 mcg; pantothenic acid 50 mg; folic acid 5 mg; iron 220 mg; zinc 200 mg; copper 25 mg; manganese 20 mg; iodine 2,50 mg; selenium 0,30 mg.

Technological additives:

Antioxidants (vitamin E: tocopherol extracts of natural origin).


Dog's weight / Daily feeding guide

2 kg / 40 - 60 g

4 kg / 70 - 100 g

6 kg / 100 - 130 g

8 kg / 130 - 160 g

10 kg / 160 - 190 g

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